Undercover Donatello, Midnight Fantasy

That's right - the mystery weapon in yesterday's Tokka post belongs to none other than Undercover Donatello.

Here's my assistant returning the weapon to it's rightful owner. And running off with said rightful owner in the process.

Undercover Donatello is one of those figures that is utterly ridiculous yet makes perfect sense and fits right in to the Turtle's continuity. The trenchcoat and hat are reminiscent of the first TMNT film when Raphael goes to the movies, and I believe a similar mask was worn by the Turtles in the cartoon.

It's a shame Playmates didn't just repaint four of these guys because this is a variant that should be available on all four turtles. Alas, we only got an Undercover Don.

Undercover Don came with a briefcase, a slice of pizza, and a gun with a 'bang' flag, as well as his mask and a strap to hold it in place. U.D. is also unique in that his hip articulation is not the ball joint of previous/later incarnations, but is merely a single hinge ala Kenner Star Wars figures. I suppose Playmates were still in the experimental stage back then.

The dagger and mic are a nice touch. I suppose Don was on some covert spy mission and not just out ordering a pizza or watching 'Critters.'