What's new for TMNT in 2013?

Toy News International has released a bunch of press images for new Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures and vehicles to be released some time in 2013:

Although not a Ghostbuster / TMNT mash-up, Leonardo here really looks the part as one of the Mutagen Ooze Turtle series.

The rest of the turtles round out the set. I doubt I'll need any of these variants, but if I get any it'll be Leo due to his Ghostbuster vibe.

Baxter Stockman adds to the villain roster...
...as does Snakeweed. I'll have to see these in person before I commit - neither one is feeling like a 'must-have' but they are both very cool regardless.
Up next are all four turtles as Deluxe 'Flinger' Figures.

More variant turtles I can live without, but I am sure kids and collectors will have fun with them.

Up next, something I will need a lot of...
Mutagen Ooze canisters with four turtle mini-figures! You of course will have to buy four canisters to get all four turtles...and I am perfectly fine with that. I just hope they aren't blind packed. I doubt the squeeze-method works on vials of slime!

This vehicle - the Sewer Cruiser - is tempting...I love it's DIY nature with the cooler and lawn chair!

And this mini-chopper - the Drop-Copter - sure looks fun.
Finally, neat little pop-up/portable/travel playsets. Called Pop-Up Pizza Playsets, this specific one is 'Anchovy Alley.' This is a brilliant idea for kids on long car trips and looks like it will make a beautiful display! I imagine more are planned and hope they all interconnect for a larger display!