What's new for TMNT in 2013?

Toy News International has released a bunch of press images for new Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures and vehicles to be released some time in 2013:

Although not a Ghostbuster / TMNT mash-up, Leonardo here really looks the part as one of the Mutagen Ooze Turtle series.

The rest of the turtles round out the set. I doubt I'll need any of these variants, but if I get any it'll be Leo due to his Ghostbuster vibe.

Baxter Stockman adds to the villain roster...
...as does Snakeweed. I'll have to see these in person before I commit - neither one is feeling like a 'must-have' but they are both very cool regardless.
Up next are all four turtles as Deluxe 'Flinger' Figures.

More variant turtles I can live without, but I am sure kids and collectors will have fun with them.

Up next, something I will need a lot of...
Mutagen Ooze canisters with four turtle mini-figures! You of course will have to buy four canisters to get all four turtles...and I am perfectly fine with that. I just hope they aren't blind packed. I doubt the squeeze-method works on vials of slime!

This vehicle - the Sewer Cruiser - is tempting...I love it's DIY nature with the cooler and lawn chair!

And this mini-chopper - the Drop-Copter - sure looks fun.
Finally, neat little pop-up/portable/travel playsets. Called Pop-Up Pizza Playsets, this specific one is 'Anchovy Alley.' This is a brilliant idea for kids on long car trips and looks like it will make a beautiful display! I imagine more are planned and hope they all interconnect for a larger display!


  1. I might have to get one of those Mini Sets to go with my Turtles!

  2. The vehicles look like perfect throwbacks to the old playmates stuff. (eh...on the pizza throwers and the ooze turtles...Kinda early in the series to start getting into variant versions of the 4 don't you think?) Would have loved to see like a fly version of baxter or even casey jones, mutagen man, or muckman...No Usagi??? Bummer. I'm guessing we'll never see a reboot Rocksteady or Bebop either.

    1. I'm more partial to the fly version of Baxter too; hopefully someday they'll revisit those old cartoon villains, but for now it appears they are trying to create their own rogues gallery (or harken back to the original comics with robo-Baxter.)

      Only time will tell!

  3. First thanks for the info didn't know what was coming out. I'm glad their gonna continue making vehicles for the line. What I'm really excited for is the mini playsets. It's exactly what I wanted. The current playset is nice but too big. So having smaller ones help alot with space. Hopelly they make more of them and where you can combine them.