Upcoming SLUG Zombies

"Welcome to the jungle...we've got fun and BRAAAIIINNNSSSSS!!!!"

So I keep saying I'm not collecting SLUG Zombies. And I'm not, even though my figure count has grown to about two dozen over the past couple weeks. I have to admit, this line has a lot of nostalgic appeal and reminds me of my MUSCLE collecting days. Also, they are on clearance and plentiful at Target right now, and I can justify getting a few figures I don't particularly care about in order to get the ones I really think are keen. All for CHEAP!

Anyways, I just discovered that, like with MUSCLE back in the day, there's a poster of all the Zombies and Zombie Hunter figures (unlike MUSCLE, you can download on the 'net, because back then there was no internet) and it shows the first 100 SLUG Zombies (and Zombie Hunters), some of which have not yet been released.

If the line continues (let's face it, the massive Target purge isn't a good sign) there will be few more great pop culture homages and plain old awesome zombies and hunters I will want to add to my non-collection. These will be designated as Series 5 and Series 6 I presume (sine the Christmas wave was not numbered.)

One figure I am looking forward to is the Axel Rose homage above named 'Perry Perish' who should appear in Series 5 along with...

...this Dirty Harry homage 'Cold Blooded Kelly'

While Series 6 will see the release of 'Hot-Headed Harriet' who is clearly Ripley from the Alien franchise. Also...blowtorch!

But none of these compare to the piece de resistance...

Popeye, people...POPEYE! I mean 'Oliver Ouch'. Whatever. This one is a must have! ZOMBIE POPEYE!!!!!! He should appear in Series 5 and I for one can't wait!

You can see the whole poster here, or just click the following two pics to see what may or may not be coming soon. The unreleased undead begin at #67 and include some creative and surprising selections. Is 'Feel My Wrath McGrath' a maskless Casey Jones? And 'Charlie Pistols' is clearly Charles Bronson (and probably the closest a figure's name has yet come to it's actual homage.) There's Amelia Earhart, Harry Potter, The Dude and more!

I sure hope this line continues at least through the promised figures this poster teases us with. I need a zombie Popeye more than you can imagine!

And maybe 'Horrific Harmony' too, who just looks like nothing more than a shark attack victim, and that's just too morbid to pass up.