Toyfair 2013 reveals greatest Batman action figure in the history of forever.

That's right folks, I am officially endorsing this Adam West Batman with Surfboard (Bat-Surfboard? BatBoard?) and trunks as the greatest Batman action figure to ever happen ever for ever infinity.

Eat your heart out Silver Surfer!

Am I making myself clear on how awesome this thing is?

Look...in the background is an in-scale (these are about 6" I believe) '66 Batmobile and even it is overshadowed by this action figure, even though it is also one of the greatest things I have ever seen in the toy world! THAT'S how awesome this action figure is.

Revealed at Toy Fair 2013 (pic via the Bat-Blog) I am going buy the hell out of this action figure when it's released some time in 2013. I will buy at least two - because one is going to the beach with me for a photoshoot. 

I can't wait!