Blue Beetle :: Brave and the Bold Style

The Brave and the Bold action figure line released a few versions of the 'new' Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes during it's short run, each with slight paint mods. This one originally came in a two pack with Kanjar Ro and I believe was given to me by Jboy of Revenge From the Cosmic Ark years ago.

I liked Jaime's characterization in the show and think his Blue Beetle is a great character as well, so I am glad to have a Brave and the Bold version of him in my collection. The 'hex holes' concept really works for his mech-suit-like Blue Beetle costume, as he was constantly 'transforming' or creating weapons with his suit in the show.

As with Metallo, I wouldn't consider Blue Beetle one of the best of the line, but he's a good figure and a great character and I imagine he appealed to kids quite a bit, which is probably why Mattel saw fit to release him so many times.


  1. We own a Blue Beetle from B&TB but not that one.... yet.

  2. Eric I don't think this one was from me but I can't remember now lol.

  3. Great pics! I love Blue Beetle- just scored this version on eBay actually. You know how I love a variant :)