Dr. Who Micro-Figures

I've been aware of the Character Building Dr. Who Micro-Figures for a while now, but never found them at any retail establishment until stumbling onto Series 2 at Hot Topic the other day. I love Dr. Who, but not enough to spend premium amounts of cash on minifigures on eBay, and since this toyline is primarily Eurpoean, I was content with never finding them or owning any (although I would love a Weeping Angel minifigure!)

But when I did find them at retail I dug right in, employing the tried-and-true 'squeeze method' to get exactly what I wanted: A Dalek and a Cyberman (Cyberleader to be exact!)

I actually looked around online a bit and all over the packaging too - if there's a code of any sort to find out what's in these, I am not aware of it. The 'squeeze method' may be your only avenue of getting exactly what you want.

"I've just about had enough of you. Go that way. You'll be malfunctioning within a day, you near-sighted scrap pile. And don't let me catch you following me begging for help because you won't get it."

One of the charms of Dr. Who is the low budget slapdash alien design - it harkens back to the original Star Wars or Star Trek. Budgetary constraints does wonders for iconic alien craftsmanship. I love the Daleks, they are like evil R2-D2s. The Cybermen are quite C3-PO ish too, but eeeevil!

Cool evil robots/cyborgs - what would Sci-Fi be without 'em?!

When I found the blind bags at Hot Topic, I actually set out to get The Doctor and Amy Pond for my daughter. They were a little tough to find amongst the mostly bi-pedal assortment - feel for The Doctor's screwdriver and Amy's skirt (settle down!) I found them and an extra Dalek and will be making a Dr. Who birthday cake (of which I'll post pics later) for her birthday celebration this coming weekend.

The figures were buy 1 get one 50% off, so I of course snagged my two must-haves for myself!

The Cyberleader is basic and a little tough to feel for, all you have to go by is that noggin of his. Feel for those bars on the sides of his head. According to the Character Building website, he's also 'uncommon' - packed at a rate of 4 for every 36 figures - so he can take some time to find.

Dalek: The Supreme is also uncommon at 4/36, but he's very easy to find via the 'squeeze method' - just feel for that massive lumpy body!

I admit that I'm starting to get burned out on the buildable minifigure movement, but I couldn't get completely out of it without a couple Dr. Who villains. I may go back for a Silent and a Doctor for myself too, now that I've opened them up and seen how fun they are. But if I don't, I'll be content with my evil pair here...until they make a K-9 that is!