Fuerza T Tekno!

I now have a Fuerza T action figure collection of two! A hero and a villain!

Fuerza T is the Argentinian toy line that, by using cast-away Masters of the Universe molds purchased from Mattel and re-purposing them, created their own funky universe of Space Aged Barbarian heroes and villains!  

Destructor first came to me via a toy trade with Freak Studios many years ago. I later did an art trade with FS and received a Mint on Card Tekno for that transaction! I decided I needed to bust Tekno open but the card pics are below for anyone interested in seeing it and the character descriptions etc.

Tekno is basically a Zodac/Trap-Jaw hybrid The blue/silver coloring, furry boots and smooth shorts set him apart from a mere kitbash however. His eyes also glow in the dark, which is a cool feature.

Tekno comes with all the same attachments as Trap-Jaw did - the hook, the claw and the laser gun. The quality on these Fuerza T figures is sub-par to the MOTU they emulate, but still better than most bootleg toys.

"So you're saying my Dad...and a brief shore leave in the South Pacific..."

"...he had a few drinks...met a guy named Zodac...and...?!?!"

Zodac was always a favorite MOTU character of mine, so Tekno really appeals to me. His color scheme, robot arm and Cosmic Enforcer helmet go great together and make for an iconic alien hero.

"...you...and my dad...did what?!?!"

"Dad! Dad! I heard rumors...shore leave...the South Pacific...cosmic enforcing..."

"You know, son, I always loved your mother and was faithful through and through. Why, I never would have..."

"Umm...err...no resemblance! No resemblance whatsoever!"

Below is the card Tekno was freed from, and all the character descriptions from the back as well! Enjoy! And special thanks to my 2000 Commemorative Edition Masters of the Universe Trap Jaw and Zodac, and my MOTUC Trap Jaw for helping make this post possible!

Fuerza T: Defensores de la Tierra! by Top Toys.


  1. You know...Living here in Mexico I thought I would find all kinds of cool knockoff toys but really...there is nothing. I think I am in the wrong city.

    1. I figured you'd have access to all sorts of goodies!

  2. Ok am going to say it right now....Am Jealous! lol. I love these and hopefully someday I shall have some too. : )

  3. That is an old school bootleg bullshit. I would love to see the actual figures. Some people love that side of collecting.

    1. Kal, this is the actual figure - straight from Argentina, straight off the card.