Harley Qwednesday :: Arkham City Harley Quinn action figure

My cheap Arkham City Harley Quinn arrived last week - only two days after I ordered her!

I like my toys like I like my women - cheap and fast!

Ordering her online, I was of course nervous that I'd get 'Matteled' and end up with a Harley Quinn with three left feet or half a face, but I was either lucky or Mattel is getting better about their QC.

Because she looked flawless both in package...

...and out!
This Arkham City Harley Quinn action figure never hit the shelves in my area, or if she did she sold out in seconds because I never saw her at retail. So seeing her for under ten bucks shipped on WalMart.com really made my month! She's got all sorts of details, a far nicer figure than most DCUC figures due to their smooth bucks and lack of details. Harley Quinn is covered in details from her costume buckles and ribbing and bas relief diamonds to her tattoos and painted pony tails. This action figure really shines!

Arkham City Harley Quinn comes with a base, a bat, and a mini poster. Apparently Mattel still felt like giving us value in 2011 when this HQ was released, because nowadays you get an action figure and nothing more.

"That luscious tan, those ruby lips, and hair color so natural, only your undertaker knows for sure!"

Arkham City is of course my favorite video game ever, and Harley Quinn is my favorite femme fatale, so I'm more than elated to finally have her in my collection.

I still do not own a Nurse Harley (DC Direct's Arkham Asylum version continues to elude me at a decent price) so I am grateful I was able to get her Arkham City version for so cheap!

Her only drawback is that she doesn't seem able to pull her head up - she's always looking down. But I suppose, all things considered, that's a minor quibble and something I am able to live with. I just need to put her up on a high shelf or something.


  1. Got mine too. She definitely is cool. Great quote from "Batman"! "Love that joker". I also must agree love those Arkham games!

  2. Am just not crazy about this version of her I guess I prefer her classic look.

  3. AHAHHAHA Cheap and fast!

    We own the first version from the Arkham Asylum series, which looks much better and sexier in my opinion.