Harley Qwednesday :: Arkham City Harley Quinn CHEAP!

At press-time the Batman Legacy Edition Harley Quinn (Arkham City version) is available on WalMart.com for $7.97! That's half off Wal-Mart's already cheaperthananywhereelse price.

Better still, you can have her shipped to your local store for free or shipped to your home for .97! That's right, 97 cents!

A deal almost as crazy as Harley herself!

I don't trust Mattel's QC any farther than I can throw a broken-off-in-package limb from a DCUC action figure, therefore I hate buying sight unseen; but at this price I had to bite, especially since I never ever saw this figure in person anywhere (the only thing worse than Mattel QC is Mattel distribution, folks.)

So keep your fingers crossed that I get a good one, and go grab one yourself while the price is right!