He's Got a Mug Like a Dick Tracy Character!

A coffee mug, see...myeah!

More Dick Tracy fun!

I've had this coffee mug since the Disney movie was released in 1990. It was made by Applause and probably came from Hallmark or something. It's useless as a coffee mug, because it has functional wheels! A cute gimmick, but I don't need my coffee on wheels, especially since I live in California. Earthquakes and rolling coffee mugs don't mix.

So instead I use it to hold pens and pencils. And ironically it has never once rolled away and spilled. Sigh.

I never realized it until now, but with a little minor modification this could easily be made into a Clyde Barrow getaway car mug! Cool!


  1. I love most things that Applause does. They were on fire in the nineties.

    1. They had a good thing going for a lot of movies in the late 80s and early 90s!

  2. How cool is this mug? Too Cool! : )