Lego Minifigures Series 10 :: With Bump Codes

Moseyed into Toys R Us to find the last bits of a Minifigures Series 10 shipment tonight! They were super picked over, but I was fortunate enough to use the tried and true 'squeeze method' to find my 'must haves' for this wave. I went ahead and documented the bump codes too, for those of you who use that method of discovery:

First up, Bee Girl. This gal is super cute, and since my wife is related to the lead singer of Blind Melon, I figured this one was one I needed to own. Her 'bump code' is below:

If you squeeze, feel for those wings. Next up...Medusa!

Medusa is a true gem in this wave. She's super easy to find via the squeeze method because she has a massive snake lower body, which is epic. She also has two faces...

...and that snake-hair is just too much! I love this minifigure! If you squeeze, feel for that snake body, you can't miss it. Medusa's bump codes are as follows:

I just had to have Xena: Warrior Princess!

This minifigure is simple but beautiful in her non-copyright but damn sure Xena inspired motif. What's not to love?

If you squeeze for Xena, feel for that staff and shield. Xena's bump code is as follows:

Even though the assortment I found was very well picked over, I was lucky to find the big three.

UPDATE: I returned to Toys R Us on 5/1 and found another VERY picked over box, but was able to procure Pagliacci:

 And here is the sad clown's bump code:

Once again, Medusa is the stand-out here. Xena is a must have for anyone who was a fan of the show back in the nineties, and of course Bee Girl is just too cute for words!

And here's the whole Series 10 line-up, including the SUPER RARE gold minifigure! I'd just plotz if I found that one!

The full line-up includes:
Nerd Girl
Roman Soldier
Bee Girl
Sea Captain
George Washington
Baseball Outfielder
Paris Hilton
Village People Member

Good luck, folks, they're out there!


  1. Cool. Going by the past, I guess they'll show up here in a couple months.

  2. Nice! I will have to tell my friend Brad about that Medusa because he will be wanting to get one.

  3. Congrats! I'm dying to get Medusa and then I have to get a bow and arrow for her to make her Clash of the Titans Medusa. Come to think of it, Xena's shield would be good for a Perseus custom...

    1. Good idea - I'll have to dig out a bow/arrow for my Medusa too. And Xena's hair would also work for a Persueus custom, methinks!

  4. Looks like I need to be in the lookout for these guys. I checked ebay for the hell of it to see if there were any of the limited gold mini figs from this wave only to find people were bidding over 500 bucks for them!!!!!!! Nuts!

    1. I'd love to find one of those gold ones but I won't hold my breath!

  5. I love that Bee Girl! This line up is one of the best. I haven't seen them in my area yet, but it is so on once I do! Thanks for posting this info!

    1. Good luck finding them - yes the Bee girl was too cute to pass up!

  6. How do you display your mini figs? Curious because mine seem messy. I was considering buying a custom made case from a seller on ETSY.

    1. I have a toddler, so display is an issue. I rotate a few out on occasion, keeping them out of reach. Or if I build something relevant out of Legos (a vehicle perhaps) I might display that for a time. I also keep a few on my desk at work. But most are kept in a box.

  7. Cant wait for series 10 to arrive here!
    We want MEDUSA!!!!!!!!!