Lego Minifigures Series 10 :: With Bump Codes

Moseyed into Toys R Us to find the last bits of a Minifigures Series 10 shipment tonight! They were super picked over, but I was fortunate enough to use the tried and true 'squeeze method' to find my 'must haves' for this wave. I went ahead and documented the bump codes too, for those of you who use that method of discovery:

First up, Bee Girl. This gal is super cute, and since my wife is related to the lead singer of Blind Melon, I figured this one was one I needed to own. Her 'bump code' is below:

If you squeeze, feel for those wings. Next up...Medusa!

Medusa is a true gem in this wave. She's super easy to find via the squeeze method because she has a massive snake lower body, which is epic. She also has two faces...

...and that snake-hair is just too much! I love this minifigure! If you squeeze, feel for that snake body, you can't miss it. Medusa's bump codes are as follows:

I just had to have Xena: Warrior Princess!

This minifigure is simple but beautiful in her non-copyright but damn sure Xena inspired motif. What's not to love?

If you squeeze for Xena, feel for that staff and shield. Xena's bump code is as follows:

Even though the assortment I found was very well picked over, I was lucky to find the big three.

UPDATE: I returned to Toys R Us on 5/1 and found another VERY picked over box, but was able to procure Pagliacci:

 And here is the sad clown's bump code:

Once again, Medusa is the stand-out here. Xena is a must have for anyone who was a fan of the show back in the nineties, and of course Bee Girl is just too cute for words!

And here's the whole Series 10 line-up, including the SUPER RARE gold minifigure! I'd just plotz if I found that one!

The full line-up includes:
Nerd Girl
Roman Soldier
Bee Girl
Sea Captain
George Washington
Baseball Outfielder
Paris Hilton
Village People Member

Good luck, folks, they're out there!