A Little Dick

I found this Mego Pocket Super Heroes Robin at a thrift store a few months back in their mad messy toy bins. I couldn't believe he had ended up there all alone - I kept digging through the detritus of so many dead young dreams in the vain hopes of finding Batman or Superman or even Penguin; anyone else who might have accompanied Robin on his strange journey from someone's collection to a thrift store in downtown Santa Cruz.

 He's in great shape - he had to have been cared for or about over the past few decades. Only to be tossed to a dirty thrift store and sold for fifty cents. Thankfully to me, who will continue to appreciate him, even if he's forever stuck in that wanker pose.

I mean 'ready to punch crime in the jowls!' pose. Yeah, that's it!


  1. I used to have Spiderman and Captain America from this line.

  2. Awesome find. I love those pocket heroes.

  3. Awesome! I snagged a Batman at a toy show a few months back.

  4. I fear I am turning into a grumpy old man...when my son and I hit a toy aisle in a store, especially the occasional Target, I'm overwhelmed by his choices...he can find virtually ANY hero or Star Wars figure he wants..."back when I was a kid..." invariably slips from my mouth, lamenting how few hero figures we had. I absolutely LOVED this line!!!

    To make a long story short ("Too late"), nice find!