King Lionheart

Another original TMNT figure in my collection, this one from 1992, is King Lionheart.

I don't know anything about old Kingy here, but I assume by his appearance that he is one of the TMNT characters that came from a different dimension (like Usagi and Panda Khan for example) and not simply a mutated animal from 'our' reality.

I also imagine he sounds a lot like Sean Connery when he speaks.

He originally came with a sword, a sceptre and a shield, but my second-hand version has none of these. I do like his Kingly armor and cape, though. Very regal!


  1. Never seen this one before but by 1992 I was not into action figures anymore.
    Will try to hunt him down!

  2. No, he wasn't from another dimension, he was a shakespearean actor that mutated.