Imaginext Mystery Figures Series 1 :: The Mummy!

After picking up the new Imaginext Mystery Figures Series 1 Luchador and having him around for a few days, basking in his coolness, I decided I probably ought to return to Target and nab another.

Although initially enamored with the James Bond inspired figure, I decided that The Mummy and that sweet Anubis mask of his looked too nifty to pass up:

The Mummy turned out nicer in person than the pamphlet that was included with the Luchador lead me to believe. He's a great looking little figure, with beautifully sculpted wraps and jewelry, painted-on eyes and sallow green hued skin.

The Mummy comes with a neat cobra headed staff and the Mask of Anubis. The Anubis mask is blue (not black as the pamphlet shows) and I think the color gives the figure a little more oomph - it really pops in person, whereas had it been cast in black it might have been a little drab.

So far these figures are much nicer in-hand than in the pictures shown on (and included within) the packaging - which makes me crave even more of them!

The Anubis mask has lots of sculpted details and looks great on the mummy. It is made of a soft, pliable rubber and slips on and off easily. If you are using the 'squeeze method' to find these guys, feel for the mask - especially the big ears and snout.

You can also feel for the curved end of the staff and/or the cobra end.

None of that is necessary however, as long as you have the codes - Each figure has a 'secret' code stamped on the top left back corner of the packaging for easy identification:

14 - Royal Guard
15 - Deep sea Diver
16 - Alien
17 - Racecar Driver
18 - Luchador
19 - James Bond
20 - Lumberjack
21 - The Mummy
22 - Soccer Player
23 - Robot

Although lacking in the customizeability that makes most building toy based blind-bagged minifigures so much fun, these Imaginext Mystery Figures are cute and well made and slopping over with charm.

I have no intention of being a completist with this line (I rarely am with any line for that matter!) but it has it's gems and I really hope we see many future series. I can only imagine what might be in store for Series 2!


  1. This guy looks just awesome Eric. : )

  2. I just picked up one of these yesterday thanks to your previous post with the codes. There were only 4 left in the box, 2 Mummy, 1 Alien (already opened), a Robot and I'm not sure what the last one was. The number looked like a 26 or 28 but I'll be the first to admit my up close vision ain't as good as it was. But the first number was definitely a 2

  3. Wow!!!!
    Isaac is going insane now!!

  4. Robot 23
    Soccer guy 22
    Mummy 21
    Lumberjack 20
    Secret agent guy 19
    Wrestler 18
    Race car guy 17
    Alien 16
    Deep sea diver 15
    Soldier guard 14