Dick in a Box

Meanwhile, on the bad side of town...

'Mumblememble package arrived mumble Manlis mumble...'


'Me, Mumbles! I was in the box!

First, I cut a hole in the box, then I put myself in the box, and now I'm gonna put a hole in your head!'

'All right, whose next? Don't try to run, Rodent, the long arm of the law...'


'...is holding on to an even longer billy club!

Now where's your boss, Lips Manlis?'

'There you are, Lips. How's about you wrap those big flappers around this pistol of mine and save the Justice System some grief!'

'Hot lead. Part of a Mobster's complete breakfast.'

Speaking of 'complete', Toyriffic reader Patrick recently sent me this complete Dick Tracy action figure - thanks again, Patrick!- and as you can tell, the accessories really enhance payability with these figures. Dick Tracy came with a club and pistol, as well as a removable holster to store his gun.

It's a shame Tracy didn't come with his signature yellow trenchcoat, but I'm sure the bean counters at Playmates didn't think the added expense would profit out. And they were right, since this series pretty much fizzled along with the movie itself.

But in retrospect the figures are goofy fun. Haven't seen the movie for a few years now, so I can't attest to it's longevity.

I'm glad I finally have someone around to keep those mobsters in line. I didn't mind the Hot Wheels hauling home-made hooch from one end of the house to another, but when they started whoring out the Plamobil figures, I knew some drastic steps needed to be taken!


  1. Ha! Awesome and no dice on the Flat-Top figure Eric but my toy guy told me to check back with him a few weeks he might be getting some more action figures in his shop.

  2. Nice SNL reference...You could always sew a yellow coat. That is what I would do.