SLUG Zombie Invasion :: Countdown to Halloween 2013

It's a shame the S.L.U.G. Zombie toyline didn't survive to complete the intended full series of 100 figures - some of the final figures would have been the absolute best! I suppose I am as much to blame as anyone, I didn't get into them until their prices were drastically slashed at Target earlier this year, at which time I nabbed a ton of them because they were so darn cheap.

I got them all together for a Countdown to Halloween 2013 shoot - the ubiquitous 'circle the wagons' scene! Who will survive to re-up their contract next season...?

Probably no one. You see, I unfortunately chose a rather...difficult...Director to work with:

"CUT! CUT cut cut cutcutcut CUUUUT!
 You call that acting?!?! I've seen better acting in a Spiegel catalogue!"

"Didn't any of you idiots read the SCRIPT?! THIS zombie goes HERE and THAT zombie goes THERE! It's all written down in black and white RIGHT THERE IN THE SCRIPT, PEOPLE!
Geezaloo Christmastrees, whatta bunch of idiots. Now I know how Cecil B. must have felt."

"Okay, that's better. Now look alive...HAW HAW just kidding; you're Zombies, stupid!
Aaaaaaaaand ACTION!"


  1. Heh heh, I have a little director that's very similar. :)

    I'd like to snatch up some of these guys up for cheap, if I can still find them anywhere. I remember them being pretty pricey, so I never bought any.

  2. These guys are so, so, so much fun! I only need to track down most of season 1 and my collection will be complete!

    Cute kid, too. My daughter's only two months old so she's too young for SLUG zombies. ;)

  3. Points for working in a Spiegel reference

  4. Cool post! It is definitely a shame that the line did not survive to completion. It might have helped if they did some promotion around it. Oh well.