Attack Of The Galaxy Laser Phantom Clone Menace Team Strikes Back Part 2 Electric Bugaloo!

Tim Mee does it again - this time releasing their famous Galaxy Laser Team in four new colors - two colors per pack - with a red and orange pack and a blue and green pack available now to add to your classic collection or to your recently re-released black and grey Galaxy Laser Team collection!

I just went ahead and mixed both new packs together in this photoshoot - in part because my intern was helping and I had to move as fast as possible to prevent all the shots ending up like this one:

...but that's ok. The multiple colors look great together and remind me of my childhood and all the fun monochromatic plastic figures of varying themes I used to mix together and play with for hours on the living room floor or backyard.

Just like with the originals, as well as with the recent black/grey re-release, these new packs feature all the characters you grew up with. The boxy R2 knockoff, the go-go boot clad Darth Vader knockoff, the Uhura wannabe with space-aged cash register, a couple sixties era astronauts, a Chewbacca in cut-offs, Buck Rodgers via Han Solo, and of course the Lobstrocity turtle/lobster aliens.

The sculpts are as beautifully crisp as ever, and these fun new colors really pop.

I wish I had held on to some of the originals I owned as a kid. In fact, I know many survived at my parents' house until only a couple years ago. But a cousin had a house fire, so my mom gave her kids a bunch of random toys to replace some of what was lost, and I think my original GLT figures ended up going to that  good cause. I can live with that, especially since I am able to collect all these new versions today!

"'Harmless space-secretary' my almost-visible-in-this-tiny-skirted ass! Ask me what this button does again...I DARE YOU!"

 Each bag comes with fifty pieces: forty eight characters and two X-wing slash F-16s. Twenty five in each color for each two color bag.

I honestly can't decide which color set I like best. The red and orange are all lava solar spacey, while the blue and green feel more retro little plastic figuriny. Thankfully I have them all, and the black and grey set too, so I don't have to decide.

I think my intern prefers the blue and green set.

The Lobstrocity is my favorite character of the bunch, and is the reason I got a set when they were originally released in my youth. He's just so strange, I love him and the fact that, unlike every other piece in the set, this guy has no known popular sci-fi analogue. I wish someone could track down the man (or woman) who designed this character and give them their due credit for creating, in my opinion, one of the most intriguing aliens in sci-fi toy history.

Get on it, internet!

And stay tuned all this week for more awesome Tim Mee goodness. I got a bunch of new stuff to show you!


  1. Tim Mee is knocking them outta the park. I just PRAY and hope they re-release older Marx stuff. How about the Marvel 5 inch guys? That would bowl me over. Or the Battle of Navarone.

  2. FUN! My childhood bestie had some of these... :)