Clawful :: Crableg Variant Edition

Clawful is one of my favorite MOTU characters of all time. Why I don't have the MOTUC version is beyond me. Well, actually I've attempted to get him a couple times, and the stars mis-align to keep him out of my grasp every time. A story for another time however...today let's look at an original Clawful that I was able to net!

This is the leg variant version of Clawful, with different legs than the standard Clawful (of which I own the early 2000s re-release.)
The other version I own has Skeletor legs, but this version has Buzz-Off legs. Not sure how these variants were released, what numbers they appeared in, or if either is more valuable than the other. I do know that this version has crossed my path far less than the other version, so I would say this one is the harder to find of the two.

I won this Clawful, complete with his green mace, off of the Pop Pop, It's Trash Culture blog a couple months back. It's nice to have an actual original Clawful again, since he was a childhood favorite. I can now add this original MOTU Clawful leg variant to my collection that consists of the Clawful re-release and my Fuerza T Destructor.

Clawful was a pretty foolish individual in the cartoon, but I always saw him as a formidable sea-based foe for the Masters. And the fact that he did not speak with a Maine accent is a massive missed opportunity in my opinion.

Clawful was one of the last MOTU figures I got as a child before I grew out of the toyline, and I think that also has an affect on his nostalgia factor for me.


  1. I would like a redo as well. But both hands need to be huge claws.

  2. I like this one better than the standard because of those legs. I will need to check at City Market for you Eric for MOTUC Clawful next time out there.

  3. I never knew there were two different versions of this guy. I'm pretty sure I had this version, and he was always a favorite of mine as well.

    I've come close to getting one in the package for cheap a couple of times, but they always seem to get snatched away from me.

  4. Yeah, color me intrigued with this whole variant business...

    My original Clawful was bought second-hand at a kids' thrift shop when I was younger. He was sans armor and weapons, but had the same Buzz-Off parts as the one I sent you. I never realized that there was another version with the more basic, Skeletor legs. I definitely like this version better. Very cool.

  5. We have to find this one, cool figure!

  6. Awesome figure! Definitely digging the alternate legs. Much more crab-like than Skeltor's legs. The Trash Man is a kind soul!