Funko Mystery Minis Batgirl and Riddler

'What's blue and grey and right behind me?'

I hate blind boxed toys, because there is no way to know what you are getting, and they are usually (relatively) expensive, prohibiting a desire to grab a random handful in the hopes of getting your goal figure. I like blind bagged toys because I can at least squeeze them and have a chance at getting what I want!

So as cool as these Blind Boxed Funko DC Comics Mystery Minis characters looked, I wouldn't bite because knowing my luck, I'd have ended up with ten Penguins! Waaah wah wah waah!

But what I lack in luck at Blind Box picking, I make up for in blog contest winning. When I won the Pop Pop It's Trash Culture contest recently, included in the prize were two of the best Funko Blind Box DC characters I could have gotten: Batgirl and Riddler!

Batgirl is simply the best. I love her little cape flapping sneaky-ninja pose! Unfortunately her face got a little scraped in transit, but it's actually not very noticeable in person.

And what a cute little Riddler! I love his little suit and derby. He even has a removable cane!

These two are super cute! I'd love to get a Catwoman from this line someday, and a Batman too of course, but I'll probably take my chances chasing after opened ones. I don't need to end up with ten Penguins trying to find them!*

*I admit it, I'd love ONE Penguin. I don't want ten of the same exact version of anyone really. Except maybe Harley Quinn, if they made her. I'd take twenty of her!

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