Harley Qwednesday :: Upcoming DC Collectibles Harley Quinn Action Figures!

DC Collectibles just solicited a bunch of incredible Harley Quinn action figures and there isn't a bum in the bunch!

I still remember when there was literally ONE Harley Quinn action figure n the entire world.

One. ONE! Yeah, ok, sure, I can also remember when there was zero, but I don't like to dwell on the hell that was a world without a Harley Quinn action figure.

Now, there are dozens, approaching hundreds; more than I can even possibly own!

It should surprise no one that a Margot Robbie Harley Quinn action figure from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie is coming. Pretty sure this movie is going to be a blast, and pretty sure it will re-define Harley Quinn for a whole new audience, so I think I need this action figure.

DC Collectibles is also releasing a series of Amanda Conner designer series Harley Quinn action figures. I absolutely adore Amanda Conner's artwork, and although I am so rarely a completist, this may be the line that breaks me. First up is classic Harley. I'm a sucker for classic Harley.

Next up is Space Harley. I am not reading the ongoing Harley Quinn monthly, so I have no idea why Harley went to space, but if Usagi Yojimbo and April O'Neil can do it, why the hell can't Harley?

Last up is Super Harley. Again, for reasons. I do like this character design, it's a cute look. Pretty sure I need this in my life. even more figures are promised in this line, and you know each one is going to be as adorable as the last.

Finally, DC Collectibles is offering up the BTAS Harley that has already seen release, but in a 'Girls Night Out' five pack with Poison Ivy, Live Wire, Supergirl, Batgirl and our girl Harley Quinn. This is a $100 dollar set if it's a nickel, so I will just add it to my birthday/Christmas list and be done with it.

So there you have it. 2016, which is apparently The year of the Harley.


  1. That Outer Space Harley looks like so much fun!

  2. Harley (mainly Bruce Timm/Paul Dini Harley) is my main focus within my DC/Batman collection, so this year will be killing my wallet, especially with higher dollar releases like the Premiere Collection Mad Love HQ statue and the Designer Series Bruce Timm HQ statue. Funko also had a lot of great upcoming Harley products on display, and I'm really looking forward to the Bombshells line by Cryptozoic Entertainment. I hope Quantum Mechanix will make a Harley, as I really like their Q-Pop figures.

    As to the quantity of Harley products out there now, the number tops over 200. I have personally catalogued 205 Harley items - from action figures to dolls to statues to plush to novelties (banks, bobbles, etc.). That list does not include images of HQ plastered on items like mugs, drinking glasses, magnets, or the like; it is mainly confined to 3-D renderings of the character.

    1. Wow, that's an amazing number! If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to see that list you've compiled, and possibly add it to a future Harley Qwednesday post.

    2. It's in Excel format, and it's sorted according to my own system, which may not inherently make sense to others. But if you give me a certain way you'd like it sorted (where it might be a bit more clear to a layperson), I'll be happy to rework it a bit. I'm also trying to compile a list of Joker figures that compliment HQ releases - for when I eventually get to set up an HQ/Joker display in my home. At the rate at which I'm progressing, that will be never.

    3. If you had it in the basic figure name and or description, manufacturer, year of release format, I'd love to see it!

    4. I first classify by what it is (action figure, mini figure, statue, plush, doll, novelty, etc.) then manufacturer then date then name. Basically, it's sorted by the first category (what is/manufacturer) then date. I'm sure I've missed more than I think I have...

    5. Email me the file bubbashelby@gmail.com and perhaps I can add to it or we can crowdsource it or something!

  3. Oh, and I understand that the newest version of the Joker as part of the DC Collectibles BTAS/TNBA line will come with Bud and Lou. So Harley will finally have her "babies!"

  4. Space and Super Harley are from the "Harley Quinn/Powwer Girl" series, where Harley tricks an amnesiac PG into taking her on as a sidekick. A good deal of their adventure takes them through another dimension which parodies the cosmic elements of Marvel Comics.