Lego Minifigures Series 9 revealed!

Via their Facebook page, Lego has now revealed Series 9 of their famous blind bagged minifigure collection!

Chicken Suit Guy (need at least one!)

Roman Emperor (pass tu, Brute)

Roller Derby Girl (MUST HAVE!)

Plumber (the comedic possibilities for that plunger are endless. Need!)

Mermaid (my daughter will need this one.)

Mr. Good and Evil (clearly a Jekyl/Hyde rip-off and a good Two-Face stand in. NEED!)

Alien Avenger (pass)

Policeman (pass)
Fortune Teller (maybe worth it for those Tarot cards alone!)

Battle Mech (a Lego answer to Kreons? NEED a couple!)
Waiter (pass)
Forest Maiden (I'm sure my daughter will want this one too.)

Judge (pass)
Hollywood Starlet (a Lego Marilyn Monroe?!?! NEED!)

Heroic Knight (pass)

Cyclops (a definite must have!)

No word on if these have hit anywhere yet, (the website says January 2013) but I'd start keeping your eyes peeled now!

To learn more about these guys, check out Lego.com's minifigure site to read all their bios and more!


  1. Lots of good ones there! Definitely have to get a fortune teller/gypsy to go with my wolfman (werewolf)!

  2. Wow! This is a good lineup! I will be keeping my eyes peeled for sure. I'm glad to see so many female minifigs! This feels like a larger wave than ones before. I am so ready for them.

    1. Same size wave but there do seem to be more strong contenders than the last couple waves, for me at least!

  3. Mister Good and Evil for me i think but beyond that nothing else.

    1. Mr. Good and Evil is likely to be a popular one!

  4. It's weird, from the back I was all "pass, pass pass", but when they flipped them around I all of a sudden wanted half of them. I'm actually excited to see the Jekyll/Hyde figure as it gives me hope for future Monster Fighter sets (even though I'm pretty sure they aren't coming...)

    1. Haha same here! And I would love to see the Monster Fighters series continue/expand. I got the Hearse for my birthday and it's a thing of beauty!

  5. Best series ever!!!
    I hope to get at least 2 Cyclops!

  6. Who's rap flows the dopest? Hollywood Starlet's is!