Harley Qwednesday :: Dr. Harleen Quinzel Lego

Dr. Harleen Quinzel in Lego minifigure form!

This minifigure was released with the Arkham Asylum Lego set - a rather large and spendy set indeed. Too much money to justify buying it, but how could I live without a Harleen Quinzel Lego minfigue?!?!

I couldn't, so I just nabbed this one off eBay for around ten bucks. More than I would usually spend on a minifigure, but it's Harleen, and since she's not likely to ever appear in a smaller set, ten bucks was a financial hit I was willing to take.

Harleen has a 'Harley Quinn' face on her head as well. I also love how she has her red and black harlequin costume peeking out from under her doctor's jacket. Nice touch!


  1. Most excellent Eric congrats on her buddy.

  2. I have a hard time paying aftermarket minifigure prices, too, but if it's a character I want badly enough and I just don't have any interest in the set, sometimes I'll suck it up. I'll pay a bit of a premium to get what I want rather than spend more to get the one or two figures I want and a set I don't care for or need.

  3. Ebay… thats a great idea! We'll try to find one too!