Lego Joker Mini Mech Bot

In October Toys R Us had a free-build kid's day promotion and gave away this little Joker Mini Mech Bot (sans Pagliacci - I added him myself.)

It was pretty cool, you just went in and they had all the pieces in separate boxes. You just grabbed an instruction sheet and got to building.

You could build it there or toss the pieces into a baggie and build it later. I brought Toyriffic's intern in with me (so I wouldn't be booted out for being too old!) and she helped me build it, but had little interest in the final product. She just likes all the tiny pieces.

As far as the final product itself, at first I though it was just a robot, and there was nothing on the instructions to indicate that it took a minifigure rider. But the more I looked at it the more I realized the small platform was for a minifigure's feet, and the 'handles' on the sides were controls!

This Joker Mini Mech Bot is a great simple little build and really displays nicely. It's also sturdy enough to play with. I don't have a Joker minifigure (yet) so right now it's being used by Pagliacci, who is part of Harley Quinn's gang the Circus Jerks. It's basic, fun, and best of all it was FREE!

I think Toys R Us has done this type of free build thing before, but I never really took notice. But since this one was DC themed, it got my attention, and I'm glad it did. I'm going to try and keep tabs on them from now on so I don't miss out!


  1. Yeah our TRU does these events every once in a while and from what i have seen in the past really draws in big crowds of kids.

  2. I did one of these a couple years ago at a WalMart. It was in October and the build was a small jack o-lantern. Pretty cool for free!