One Abomination Under God

I have this Marvel Universe Abomination thanks to Boy Wonder of Super Duper Toy Box fame. I still have not seen this latest wave in any retail establishment near me, but when I heard Abomination was a part of it, I had to have him! And BW came through and found him for me. Thanks Boy Wonder!

This Emil Blonsky aka Abomination action figure is officially Marvel Universe Series 23 figure #019. He is one of two Abomination variants, the other being the Rick Jones A-Bomb modern version, whom I also really want but have not seen at retail yet.

But nothing beats the classics. And the original Abomination is a favorite of mine, so I couldn't not own this one! Unfortunately, he doesn't have any shorts. The body is from the Marvel Universe Rhino, so they didn't bother to give him a speedo like the original, which is a little weird but you get over it. And let's face it, a pantless Abomination is better than no Abomination at all!

Uh-Oh, here comes Red Hulk...







  1. They have the whole line here but at $16 I cannot afford them!

  2. A-Bomb is pricey on the secondary market my Toy Guy at City Market had one but at almost $40 it is just too much to spend i felt otherwise i would of gotten it for you Eric. Am still looking however for a better deal on one.

  3. I'm wondering if they'll ever release any A.O.S.(Agents Of Smash)figures. This guy looks great. Double fisted, too!

  4. The first photo makes him appear to be a larger scale tool. It looks good.

    1. Yeah, I thought he was a Marvel Legends figure at first!

      He is a pretty nice figure, especially being in the 1/18th scale.

  5. I haven't seen this guy in awhile- shoulda picked one up for myself, that's fun. Marvel Universe figures come & go without rhyme, rhythm, or reason in these parts- it's weird! Every once in awhile I'll run into a cache of two waves previous, or a whole bunch of new ones. Always on the hunt!