Young Justice Amazo

A couple years ago, Mattel released three 2-figure sets, each with a 'Collect-and-Connect' or 'BAF' component to build the android Amazo. The three 2-packs needed to gather together the complete Amazo are: Flash and Kid Flash, Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian, and Ra's al Ghul and Cheshire.

I believe each set retailed for around $20, and I know they were plagued with the same distribution issues Mattel is famous for. I don't think I ever saw the Flash/Kid Flash set at retail, I may have seen the Ra's/Cheshire set once or twice, and ironically (to me anyways, because I would have assumed it the most popular set) I saw Manhunter/Miss Martian many times. In fact, that set might still be on the shelves at my local Toys R Us at full price right now.

I didn't buy any of these sets at retail - but stumbled onto all three at Big Lots for five dollars each last month - during a 'buy one, get one half off' sale to boot! I will blog about the main figures from these sets soon, but today I wanted to look at the Amazo figure himself.

I've always liked the ridiculous Silver Age Amazo design. I was disappointed with his 'blank slate' design in the Justice League/JLU cartoon series, but really loved his characterization and storylines.  His appearance in modern cartoons like Batman: Under the Red Hood and Young Justice have been brief but fun, and I think Amazo's Young Justice design is a nice modern take while still maintaining a lot of the original's design cues.

The action figure is very simple, five points of articulation (although his head is on a ball joint and not just a single swivel), which is consistent with the entire YJ line of action figures. He's a couple inches taller than the standard YJ figure to reflect his larger than life stance in the cartoon.

I held a grudge for years against Mattel due to the fact that Mattel made their DCUC Amazo a Wal-Mart exclusive (which put him out of my reach) and so I am glad to have found this one at such an incredible price. I'm surprised I was able to find all three sets to complete him at the same time too! I like the concept of collect-and-connect/build-a-figure parts to build a larger character, but it is flawed in actual practice when certain parts become harder to find than others due to poor case ratios and shoddy distribution (or retailer exclusivity.)

I am sure all modern action figure collectors out there have random BAF parts laying about and can attest to this frustration!


  1. Funny that you mentioned this one, my Roses has all three sets for $10 each. I almost picked them up, but I'm not a huge fan of the Young Justice line. That is a neat take on Amazo though.

  2. Nice to see Amazo back to true form and where is are Shaggy Man BAF?