LEGO Abe Lincoln's Space Chair :: Happy President's Day!

One of the true highlights of The Lego Movie was President Lincoln flying around on his 'space chair.' Abe's space chair is meant to look like the giant granite chair which the statue of Abraham Lincoln sits in at the Lincoln Monument in Washington DC, but I have to believe the filmmakers were also a little inspired by Jack Kirby's Metron, who flies through space and time in his Mobius Chair.

You can currently get the Abraham Lincoln LEGO minifigure as part of the current Lego Movie blind bag series, but if you want a Lincoln Space Chair you will have to build it yourself. There is honestly (hahaha get it?) no better way to display your Lincoln minifigure.

I didn't have all the pieces to make an exact replica, but I came pretty close.

Close enough for government work eh Abe?

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  1. Hahaha nice! I finally got out and saw The LEGO movie and it was SO GOOD! Honest Abe was pretty hilarious.