Duck Week, WooOOOooo! Stormtrooper Donald Duck :: Disney Vinylmation

Or: 'My wife and kid went to Disney World and all I got was this awesome Stormtrooper Donald Duck!'

A few weeks back Grandma took everyone but me to Disney World. I had to stay home and work! But that's ok, I also did not have to chase a toddler around Disney World, which does not sound like a vacation to me.

All I asked for was a cool Star Wars themed souvenir, and I got it in the form of a Disney Vinylmation Donald Duck in Stormtrooper armor!

Vinylmation is Disney's answer to the collectible vinyl craze, and each one is based on a standard Mickey Mouse body, head and ears. Of course that means everyone has Mickey Mouse ears, so in situations like Donald Duck in Stormtrooper armor, the designers have to get clever. In this case, they made the ears a field of stars against the blackness of space.

I originally intended to keep Donald in his box for display purposes, but when I was looking around online to see other Vinylmation figures, I discovered that Donald comes with a blaster! You couldn't see it in the box, as it was packaged behind Donald.

That cinched it...he's just GOT to be holding that blaster!

The blaster really adds that extra level of awesome to an already incredibly awesome concept: Donald Duck Stormtrooper.

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