Fun with Simpsons LEGO minifigures!

The best part about the LEGO Simpsons minifigures is that they are yellow skinned - just like LEGO minifigures! Making the customizing fun absolutely endless.

To wit:
'Under da sea! Under da sea! Everything's hotta, under de wata, espeshly ME!'
The Little Homer-maid.

'I haaaave the powwwweeeerrrrrrrrrrr!'
Homer the Barbarian. Or perhaps Ho-Man.

'Freeze, boy! HAHHHAHAHAHA Get it? Freeze? HAHAHAH!'
Homer Freeze and Bartman.

Bartman. Sort of. My only dissapointment with the Simpsons LEGO series is that an actual Bartman is not an available figure. He'd be a pretty easy custom though, with an extra Bart head and some purple paint. I might attempt it if I find an extra Bart.

'I prefer a fair and balanced discourse over violence. But I hate snakes.'
Lisa-anna Jones.

'I prefer the more PC: Lisa of the peoples you do not yet understand, but that have an equally valuable and rich culture, if you would only take the time to get to know them better before raping and pillaging.'
Lisa the Barbarian.

'WHOAH, man!'
Figure Skater Bart.

'Eat my...shell?'
Teenage Mutant Ninja Simpson. Or Bartonardo (I know, he has Mikey's nunchucks...but Bartonardo sounds better than Bartelangelo.)

'Hey Homer, those aren't the 'rhoids you're looking for!'

Homer Balboa.

'This reminds me of a dream I had once.'
Lazy Sunday Homer.

Officer Homer.

'Sigh. Another weapon? You didn't have an Emily Bronte minifigure to slap my head upon?'
Swashbuckler Lisa.

Slapping Simpsons heads on LEGO minifigures is a hoot. I look forward to doing more with the few I have, and hopefully I am able to find the rest of the family soon.

Stay tuned!


  1. The Homer Boxer is great (and so are the rest)

    1. Thanks Dex! That was actually the first one I did too :)

  2. These variation are so much fun and you have the materials to do some great shots and characters. Please do more. I am starting a file so I can post about the very best at the Cave of Cool one day. As Mr Burns said, I don't know art but I know what I hate...and I don't hate this. Great post.

    1. Thanks Kal! You can count on more to come soon, especially since I now have Itchy and Scratchy!