Mondo Gecko Redux - Like, Totally Tubular, Dude!

Just a tad over five years ago I posted pics of my first Mondo Gecko action figure. I think I ended up giving that figure away, because I haven't seen him in many many moons. However I did just find another Mondo Gecko at a thrift store this past weekend!

My first Mondo Gecko was in better condition, and I had his skateboard too. This one isn't in too bad shape, just a few spots of paint scraped off. He also came sans his board, but fortunately I have a few TMNT accessories lying about, like the sewer lid shield I gave him.

I also have a random TMNT skateboard and it works quite well for old Mondo here.

Mondo Gecko is so very nineties and I love him for it. He's all neon colors and rat-tail and...Misfits bangs?...and other junk. I also recently read some Mutanimals comics and thought he was pretty fun in those, so I am glad to have added him back into my collection - especially since he only cost me 30 cents!

My intern decided to take control of the photoshoot. Apparently my pics weren't gnarly enough, dudes and dudettes.

"I'll show you how Mondo Gecko attacks some bodacious grindage, daddy!"

"This hill looks sufficiently hilly."

"Gleam that cube, Mondo! Woooohoooooooo! Christian Slater ain't got nothing on you"

And after taking over Mondo Gecko, my intern took over my camera! I won't bore you with the dozens of pictures of the carpet and her feet - but she was able to capture this shot. Who needs instagram filters when you have a toddler?



  1. Gleaming the cube! Christian Slater. I wonder who else will get that reference?

  2. Mondo here is probably one of my all time top-ten favorite action figures period. He and Baxter Stockman were certainly two of my favorites from the line. Awesome to see him getting some play!

  3. Glad to see you got another Mondo Eric. : )