Spider-Woman by Toy Biz

 Another recent gift from The Clawful Punch was this Toy Biz Spider-Woman action figure!

Now I profess to be quite the comic-book savant, but I admit I know little to nothing about Spider-Woman (except that she's pretty danged homina-homina-homina!)

This action figure is pretty basic as action figures were at the time, although she does have knee and elbow joints, which wasn't particularly common in those days of old. She came with a gun and web-shield, which Jboy included but I did not photograph.

I do like that fact that Spider-Woman's head and hair and torso are all a single sculpt. So many female action figures' head articulation is useless due to massive plastic chunks of hair. Toy Biz said 'screwit' and just made it all one piece, and that's laudable in this case.

Although I am not familiar with the character, I love Spider-Man and the Spider-Family and am so glad to have her in my collection. I have eyed the black and white costumed Toy Biz Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman in the past and might need to add her to the collection now that I have this one!

This Spider-Woman's real identity is that of Jessica Drew. She first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #32 (February 1977). She was created by Archie Goodwin and Marie Severin. Read more about her at Wikipedia.


  1. Glad you like her Eric and if am right this one is a repainted Juila Carpenter Spider Woman which is kind of funny to me at lest.

  2. Yes it is a repainted Secret Wars gal. The original Drew gal lost her powers.

    1. Yeah Hobby they used the Spider-Woman II from the Iron Man figure line to make a Spider-Women I figure for the Spider-Man line too funny.