Imaginext Gorilla Mountain Playset

Last Christmas we presented the Toyriffic Intern with the Imaginext Gorilla Mountain Jungle Playset. We found the set at a flea market for ten bucks and it came with all the animals you see here, as well as a tiger-striped Humvee!

She was pretty excited about it and all the animals it came with.Here she is with the Rhino and the 'Himmo-Thomas.'

The baboon on the right isn't Fisher-Price but was part of the flea market purchase. The cave he is in may also be from some other toyline. Otherwise, it's all Fisher-Price Imaginext stuff, if not specifically from the Gorilla Mountain playset originally. I personally appreciate the Gorilla and the playset itself, as they remind me of Gorilla Grodd and Gorilla City.

We have plenty of DC Super Friends Imaginext figures, so someday we'll have to mash them up. But for now my Intern is happy playing with her jungle animals. They are all pretty cool, and each has a little unique action feature - the hippo's mouth opens, the rhino juts his head forward, one lion actually roars...all good stuff!


  1. That is on my list! Would love to get an MU Black Panther to play around in it.

  2. Replies
    1. It is - it also makes monkey sounds when you turn one of the levers!

  3. Found one of these at Goodwill for a couple of bucks (no accessories included whatsoever) and I use it to display my Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes from Hasbro. Love the detail they put into all these Imaginext sets!!! (My daughter used to have toy "effel-ents" when she was that age... Those were the days)

    1. I admit I am eyeing it for my own personal future display use ;)

  4. We own this set too. Its one of our favourite!!