More Than Meets the Eye Week :: Bootleg Geeper-Creeper

During the 1980s heyday of transforming robots, not only were Transformers and Gobots and other branded toys available, but bootlegs were everywhere and popped up in almost every kids collection - seemingly out of nowhere. Everyone I knew had a 'bot or two that was just a little left of center. But we were fine with it, because the quality wasn't always that bad.

This guy is a fine example of that fact. He's obviously not the GoBot Geeper-Creeper, or his Machine Robo predecessor. The plastic seems just a bit flimsier, and there are no manufacturer markings on him whatsoever.

But he's still got more real metal in his 1:64 scale body than a modern day KIA. He's a good, solid toy and I just can't help think how much he, a 'rip-off' cheap version of an under two buck toyline, must have cost new?

Well he (as well as Hans) only cost me a quarter each this past weekend, so he sure hasn't appreciated in value. He's missing the passenger side half of his windhield and a piece of his bumper is broken off, but he's still a great representation of a cheap toyline's cheaper bastard cousin.


  1. I had him along a few other bootlegs years and years ago.

  2. I had this guy, but now I'm not sure if I had the real one or the bootleg.