Preschool Week :: Playmobil Catwoman Custom Figure

I've added a couple parts to my Playmobil Catwoman custom figure since first putting her together. Namely the gloves and the bandanna mask. Since there's no official Playmobil part that can effectively represent cat ears (that I am aware of at least), I am going with the more basic 'cat burglar' representation of the character. This is Selina Kyle out stealing stuff, plain and simple. She even has a bag of ill-gotten goods in her clutches!

I'm positive they make a Playmobil whip, so I should really track one of those down. It would complete the look, at least until I can get her some cat ears! I've also toyed (hahaha get it? Toy humor!) with the idea of losing the domino masked head and just going with one that would allow her eyes to show, but Catwoman has always kept most of her face hidden so I think I like her this way better. I do have some Playmobil sunglasses, but they don't work with any of the short female dark hair pieces I have.

I've clearly given this figure WAY too much thought!

1 comment:

  1. May be you could custom some ears up some how but beyond that this is a fun and cool version of Catwoman.