Preschool Week :: Playmobil Harley Quinn - Again

I've modified and adjusted my Playmobil Harley Quinn multiple times. I've had her in a cheerleader themed get-up, a western themed get-up, a dark haired version reminiscent of Harley in mourning at the end of Arkham City, and many more. I've used geisha heads, (an effective white, but without a domino mask) a Lady GaGa head (domino mask, but skin tone and not white faced) and even a zombie like head (it glows!) The custom possibilities for my Playmobil Harley have been endless!

Right now I've settled on this version, with more red parts added in order to contrast the blacks in her clothes. Nowhere near her classic costume, but some may argue it's better than her current comicbook look.

The Playmobil Fi?ures series 6 lineup has a girl in a fifties style red dress with white polka dots - I'd like to pick one of those up to give Harley a fancy dress; you know, for church and classy murdering and stuff. But since those darn Fi?ures are so hard to come by (I still haven't seen series five anywhere) I'll be content with what I've got and if I find one I find one. No big. And hey, at least she has a mallet! I found that in a pile of Playmobil stuff I found at a garage sale. I would have never imagined such a thing even existed, so it was pretty lucky I found it in the mix. I would expect that Playmobil has made a sledge hammer at some point, but an oversized wooden mallet? Who knew?!?!

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