Funko POP Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn

Hellooooooo nurse!

I only learned of the existence of this brand new POP Vinyl Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn last night - a Hot Topic Exclusive Pre-Release - thankfully I was able to find her today AND I had a Hot Topic gift card to boot!

After seeing this Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn last night I knew I had to track her down ASAP. But of course I had to go to work first! So I made a b-line for Hot Topic as soon as the quittin' bell rang.

I asked the girl behind the counter about this Harley Quinn. She said she had only just seen a picture of it online mere minutes before I walked in, and that she had not seen it in store yet. However, there was a new shipment in the back, and she would be glad to check it to see if Harley was in there.

Well as luck would have it, Harley was indeed in there!

This is not my favorite Harley Quinn costume, but it has become iconic due to it's association with the groundbreaking Arkham Asylum video game.

And it of course looks super-cute in POP vinyl form!

This is the first Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn of any kind to make her way into my collection. In fact, you may be surprised to know that my Harley Quinn collection is pretty small. Due mostly to the fact that, until the past couple years, there hasn't been a lot of Harley Quinn merchandise, especially in action figure form. And most of her appearances since her recent boom have not been of her iconic look. But I'm slowly becoming 'ok' with broader representations of my favorite Gotham villain, especially since I have made a few custom Playmobil versions myself!

As stated earlier, Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn is a Hot Topic Exclusive Pre-Release. That means she will be available only at Hot Topic for a limited time, and will later be available everywhere Funko POP are sold. In addition, there will be more figures in the Arkham Asylum theme set, including Batman, Joker, Posion Ivy and Killer Croc!

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