Harley Qwednesday :: Inspirational

I discovered this picture on Tumblr, along with the following caption:
'Guys this picture is so important to me. Sometimes i back out of cosplaying a character because im worried people will judge me or shame me for doing it because im black. Im constantly worried people wont take my cosplays seriously because im just a black girl dressing up as iconic white characters. And sometimes that fear makes me feel like I shouldnt do it, like cosplaying isnt for me and I shouldnt go to cons.
But meeting this little girl made me understand how important it is to show my love for characters even if they arent my race. This little girl came up to me and asked for a picture at LexCon, and I almost cried. She came up to me the ONLY black Harley in a sea of perfectly “accurate” white Harleys. And I was so happy she did, and so happy I was there. Im glad I chose to cosplay a character I love, and to be there representing black cosplayers, because now this little girl might have a little bit more confidence in herself. Maybe my being there helped this little girl see that even girls like her can be geeky and cosplay whoever they want.
I really hope so. I know this made me feel more confident. And this is a picture im gonna treasure forever!'
Simply beautiful.

Via http://pickpants-maemae.tumblr.com/


  1. This made me smile a little more today. : )

  2. I'm curious to know how she'd react to white cosplayers representing black characters like Black Panther, Falcon or Storm.

    1. And I wonder if the Martians get annoyed when non-green people cosplay Martian Manhunter. Seriously, I have found people like her aren't judgmental of others and respects that someone who isn't of the same race as the character they want to cosplay but love the character can, in fact, cosplay that character.