2014 San Diego Comic Con :: Toys!

We don't call this blog 'Toyriffic' because we're into high-dollar sneakers, people!

Around here we love TOYS! And San Diego Comic Con was chock full of reveals and displays and toys toys toys!

Ironically, I came away from the con having only purchased one single O.M.F.G. minifigure for myself. No toys this trip, I focused my own limited purchases on comic books and art. Crazy, I know!

But enough about that - let's look at some toys, shall we?

Mattel had the Yvonne Craig 1966 Batman TV Series Batgirl on display, and in true Mattel fashion it will apparently be available in a 3-pack which includes figures you already own (Batman and the Joker if I recall correctly.) Seriously Mattel? Seriously? To get the most sought after character in all the 66 television show series I have to spend fifty bucks and get figures that Amazon couldn't get rid of at five dollars each just last fall? Sigh. You can tell it's Mattel!

The Yvonne Craig Batgirl action figure looks great though.

A huge display of Batman Automobilia Batmobiles. I love them all!

The Batman Unlimited display. Man-Bat looks awesome (expect him to be available in a twenty pack that includes neon Batman because MATTEL!)

Also Batman with a shark. If not for the '66 tv show that would be the most ridiculous thing ever. 

More Batman Unlimited action figures. Now with transforming vehicles!

DC Multiverse Arkham Knight Harley Quinn action figure. I need this. I do not need to buy a fifty-pack, so HOPEFULLY Mattel releases this as a single figure. I won't hold my breath.

More DC Multiverse action figures. All Arkham video game designs.

Giant Mecha-Batman at the Funko booth!

Fully functional Darth Vader-mobile by Hot Wheels.

Almost life sized '66 Batcycle made entirely out of LEGO bricks. It even had the side-car!

Full sized LEGO Shredder.

Full sized LEGO Spider-Man on a LEGO wall/window.


These things came out of left field and were a complete surprise. Mezco is making 1/12 scale (appx 6") Dark Knight Returns Batman action figures with interchangeable hands/heads etc and cloth costumes. They look GORGEOUS!

I don't know what the price-point on these will be but I need at least one of them!


I don't remember who makes this MASSIVE Batmobile, maybe Sideshow or Hot Toys? Anyways, it was HUGE and did all the things the Batmobile did in the first two movies.

A shitload of Stormtroopers.

Mattel, never one to let a poor online shopping experience stop them, will soon be selling these oversized He-Man action figures. I think it was a couple feet tall, and there was also a Skeletor on display.

Toynami will soon release an updated version of the classic Shogun Warriors Godzilla! This is exciting, but probably also too expensive for my tastes.

Other modern Shogun Warriors were also on display at the Toynami booth.

Well, that's it for the toys I was able to get good photos of. Barely a fraction of all that was there on display at SDCC, but these are the things that really caught my attention.


  1. I'll be buying the three pack, just to get Batgirl. Damn you, Mattel!

  2. Great items at this year's SDCC! I am looking forward to so much, but my purse is like, "Please. Give us a break!" lol I think I'm the only one that did not buy a '66 Batman and Joker, so I might be ok having to pick up that set. Great post!

  3. Dang you Mattel why do you do the things that you do seriously I really dislike you at the moment but on the other hand Mezco bless you and your glorious Batman figures.

  4. There's a little card behind Harley that seems to indicate she will be available on her own for $8.99, so that's good!

  5. Aren't the Mezco figures 6"? I keep seeing sites refer to them as 1/12 scale. Either way, they look amazing. I'm not really into Batman toys these days, but those Batman Unlimited figures look pretty cool.

    Those large MOTU figures are pretty damn cool too, but I worry about how long they'll be able to stand before their rubber bands wear out.

    1. Good catch on the Mezco figures - I fixed the incorrect measurements!

  6. I held out on the Mattel DKR returns figure....I do want the cloth Mezco one though.