And where is the Batman?

He must be at home, washing his tights. because I cannot see him at all in the following totally random pictures of foliage.

If I did see Batman, he would probably be the 'Jungle Boogie' Batman from the Batman Returns action figure line by Kenner.

Actually I don't know what Batman this is, and really am not motivated to look him up at all. I mean, it's a Keaton Batman action figure with green/black camo. Do I need to know more to appreciate this guy?

No, I do not.

I found this Batman at the flea market and nabbed him for a measly dollar. He's in excellent condition, and unlike most Keaton Batmen I find at the flea market this guy has his cape!

The cape alone is worth the dollar, because now I can swap it over to a more accurate Batman I own that is missing his cape.

Or I might let 'Jungle Fever' Batman keep it. If I can ever find him again! Damn that effective Bat-camo!


  1. "Become one with the foliage, Batman!" This guys gonna look real cool on display,that is,on the days you can actually spot him.

  2. Most do not have their capes. I have to have my artist make them for me.

  3. Thats Jungle Tracker Batman from Batman Returns.He originally had a cool little bat shield and rocket launcher

    1. I knew someone would come through with an I.D. on this one. Man I hated these bat-variants back in the day. Today? I wish I had bought them all!