LEGO Metalhead :: TMNT Custom Minifigure Build

After slapping together a custom Panda Khan LEGO minifigure,  I started thinking of what other Ninja Turtle characters I could possibly cobble together. It struck me that the robotic turtle Metalhead (Classic Metalhead action figure, Modern Metalhead action figure) was do-able and would be a fun character to have in minifigure form. So I set out to make a Metalhead minifigure!

In making Metalhead, I didn't use any actual minifigure components. Instead, I built him entirely from standard LEGO bricks and bits. I based him predominantly on his modern look, but took a lot of liberties and just let my creativity lead me down a long path to this final result.

I gave him a blow torch hand, which can be switched out with other weapon types like a chainsaw or a claw or whathaveyou. I had the notion of making a rotating 'stick' ala the classic action figure's spinning nunchucku weapon, but I haven't put that one together yet.

Metalhead is a little larger than a standard minifigure. His legs don't move, but his arms can be rotated at the shoulders. After putting him together I looked around online and discovered a few other Metalhead customs, but they are generally pretty small. Essentially they are little more than micro-builds. My Metalhead has a bit more heft to him, and his weapon customizeability gives him more personality too.


  1. Very creative build! I love brick built LEGO figures, and this Metal Head is top notch! This reminds me that I've been wanting to build a LEGO Dalek, but I sadly lack the parts I need.

    I think it's quite possible to make a Muckman minifigure using minifigures parts from the newer LEGO Agents sets! I really need to brainstorm what TMNT minifig I could make.

    1. Thanks Mason. Ohh, a Muckman is totally do-able! There's even a LEGO trashcan you could use. I want to get the LEGO agents part that makes a flame-head to make a custom Ghost Rider!

      Have you seen the Dr. Who minifigures that include a Dalek? http://toyriffic.blogspot.com/2013/03/dr-who-micro-figures.html