Sandstorm Camel :: Another nutty TMNT action figure for your viewing pleasure

"Who you callin 'Joe'?
I have been piecing together my original TMNT action figure collection for many years now. Most of my figures have come to me via the flea market or other second-hand resources. It's a collection that I honestly never set out to build but over time, and finding so many on the cheap, it sort of just took on a life of it's own.

I am finally at the point where there are only a couple of figures that I am actively seeking whenever I go out on a weekend morning and dig through other people's trash treasure. And thanks to a score this past weekend I can now check Cameltoe...I mean 'Sandstorm' off that list!

"I'd walk a mile for a Virginia Slim."
I actually did see Sandstorm at the flea market years and years ago, back when I had maybe five TMNT action figures and little interest in a large collection with insane mutant animals from all corners of the Earth. So when my collection took on exactly those proportions, it always bothered me that I had seen him once and didn't buy him when I had the chance.

So when I saw a table of Ninja Turtle action figures this past weekend, and THEN saw Sandstorm sitting upon said table right square between head-droppin' Leo and naked Splinter I humped on over and spat out three shekels (Camel puns aren't easy) and now he's mine! .

"BARTENDER! BARTENDER! Geez, can't a guy get a drink around here?!?!"
He's not perfect. There's play wear and some yellowing on his smock, and he lacks his accessories, but who cares. He's a fez-doffed arabian-clad mutant Camel. HOW DID I PASS HIM UP BEFORE?!?!?! What was I thinking?!?!

"Who. Bent. My. SWORD!?!?!"
Fortunately I also scored a big bag of miscellaneous TMNT accessories this past weekend, and while Sandstorm's weapons weren't a part of the pile, this sword (which originally went with a Shredder variant I believe) is a good substitute.

Also of note: Sandstorm has an action feature similar to classic Masters of the Universe figures - a spring-loaded waist. I don't know how that action is relevant to an Arabian mutant camel.


  1. Iv always like the sculpt of this guy. He doesn't show up in the wild as often as it seems like he should because when this wave was new I saw him on the shelves all the time.

    1. Other than the few I've never seen in the wild, this guy was one of the toughest to find in the wild for me.

  2. His is a rare one...Not one i ever seen on my toy hunts.

  3. I have wanted this figure FOREVER. Reading your whole post made me envious. I attempted to make a trade on instagram for him, but the dude never sent me anything back. Burned.

    Until the magical day comes, I shall continue gazing at this post!

    1. Damn, that burn hurts!

      Good luck in your search - if I ever find another I'll keep you in mind!