Napoleon Bonafrog is Dynamite!

Another TMNT figure I freed from the flea market this past weekend is Napoleon Bonafrog. What makes this acquisition extra special is that it is a COMPLETE Napoleon Bonafrog!

Including his little mutant insect buddy Flyboy!

Digging through a box of old toys I was able to gather together quite a few TMNT weapons and accessories. The only actual figure in the whole bunch was Napoleon! So I tossed him in with all the weapons I gathered and when I got home to sort through it all I discovered all his 'stuff' was there too.

Napoleon Bonafrog always looked more like a Horny Toad to me, which is neither a frog nor a toad. But hey, I'm no naturalists. If you say he's a frog, he's a frog!

"Keep on Froggin'!"
He's a part of the Punk Frogs team, which also included Ghengis Frog in action figure form and Atilla the Frog and Rasputin the Mad Frog in cartoon form. Oddly enough all four frogs looked like Ghengis Frog in the cartoon, making the Napoleon Bonafrog action figure a bit incongruous.

I don't know where such a warning would typically be posted, but it makes a good shield!

The 90s neon and OP Boardshorts make this guy a rather goofy reflection of the times he was mutated in. And ultra Caliofornian, Dude!