Another Killer on the Loose! DCUC Killer Moth :: Countdown to Halloween 2014 :: It's Haloween Eve!

Another Killer from the DC Comics universe: Killer Moth!

Say what you will about Mattel and their handling of the DC Universe Classics toyline (at this point it's all been said), but one thing is for sure; they gave us some really unexpected characters in toy form, including this fashion-senseless Bat-villain from the Silver Age of colorblind evil.

Killer Moth is a pretty hapless doofus. I suppose his name is 'Killer' for the same reason a big guy is named 'Tiny'. Either that, or for what his outfit does to our eyes.

Killer Moth came with a 'cocoon gun' which isn't in proximity to my photography studio, so you will just have to take my word for it.

Happy Halloween eve! If you haven't figured out your costume yet, perhaps you can take a cue from Killer Moth here and just slap a bunch of mis-matched clothing items onto your person and call yourself a super-villain.

It works in Gotham City.


  1. I know people hated this guy but I absolutely love him! he is very striking standing on the shelf because none of the other figures look look him.

    1. He was a 'must have' for me! Too corny to pass up!

  2. Isaac and myself loves this guy! Cool figurine.

  3. Great figure! Mine is still in his package somewhere around here... :)

  4. Just looking at the color combo is enough to give me a headache. Maybe that was the point, everyone would be too blinded by migraines to do anything to stop him.

  5. The first couple of photos showed promise.I let out the Scooby Doo "HUH?" when I got to the full figure pic.Still an original and unique figure,though.