Oh the Horror! Funko Classic Horror Pennywise :: Countdown to Halloween 2014

Welcome to Day 1 of another year of 'Countdown to Halloween', wherein a bunch of bloggers...umm...countdown...to...Halloween.

Yeah, it's that simple.

This year Toyriffic will again be taking a look at Halloween themed toys, or toys that fit into the Halloween season. Or whatever I want. It's my blog, dammit!

Today I have in my bag of tricks: Pennywise the Clown, of Stephen King's IT fame. Pennywise is a part of the Funko Mystery Minis Horror Classics line.

Thanks to John of the awesome and very long named RobotMonsterSpaceSuperheroLEGOTarzanVideoGamesZombiesComicBooksEtcDidiForgetAnybody? Blog for sending this guy my way! I am a huge Stephen King fan, but I am not so huge a fan of blind boxed toys (because you can't squeeze them to discern their contents before purchasing) so without John's assistance I probably would never have gotten my paws on this guy!

I just hope he doesn't kill me in my sleep. Pennywise that is, not John. Although I don't want John to kill me in my sleep either, now that I think about it.


  1. Cool, and yeah it's a bummer being a discerning collector with so many neat blink box toys (I sooo want the Tron minifig from this Funko Sci-Fi line.) That's a pretty nifty looking Pennywise. Glad to see him getting some toy love these days. Wonder if Funko will do a Curry-accurate Legends version...?

    1. I can't see him appearing in Legends, but I could see him appearing as a ReAction figure in the Horror Series at some point.

      This guy is cool, Eric, although what's the deal with the head? Is the skull cap a separately molded piece?

    2. It's just his brow-line. Part of these guys' design aesthetic.

  2. Yeah it kinda stinks not being able to do the ol squeeze test with the boxed figs but it does give you a chance to trade with people.

  3. Glad you like him Eric and I promise I never killed anyone in there sleep....or have I? Bawhawhaw. :D

  4. Clowns just never pleasing especially with sharp teeth. Yucks!