Bootleg Hulkbuster Armor Iron-Man Mini-Figure

The Chinese LEGO bootleggers have done it again! This time giving us a wholly unique over-sized 'Minifigure' of Tony Stark's Hulkbuster Iron-Man Armor!

Hulkbuster Iron-Man is an 'oversized' minifigure ala the larger Incredible Hulk figure. He is also not necessarily a bootleg, as there is nothing here that copies LEGO besides the aesthetic.

It is amazing enough that these crazy bootleg companies are copying hard to get LEGO minifigures, but the fact that they are creating completely unique characters like Hulkbuster armor Iron-Man (and a large sized Thing from the Fantastic Four) is simply incredible!

Hulkbuster Iron-Man has 'articulation' at the shoulders, elbows and wrists. In LEGO terms that means each arm is in three pieces (plus the 'pin' that holds the arm in the shoulder socket.) The shoulder shields are also separate pieces, making an un-built Hulkbuster Iron-Man come in at a whopping 11 separate pieces.

Since when did bootleggers give so much and ask so little in return?

Hulkbuster Iron-Man fits right in with bootLEGO Hulk.

Both of these figures come from the DeCool company, whihc has thus far put out some good quality bootlegs.

"Hulkbuster SMASH!"

My Hulkbuster does have a scuff on his face, but I can just pretend it's a battle scar. For the unbelievable low price these go for on eBay, as well as the fact that there is no other version of this minifigure from any company anywhere, I can accept some paint smudges!