Squeal Like a Pig! LEGO Professor Pyg Minifigure :: Countdown to Halloween 2014

Ever since the 'Guy in a Pig Suit' LEGO minifigure was announced as part of the latest blind bag wave, I knew I had to get one in order to make a custom LEGO Professor Pyg minifigure!

Professor Pyg is a complete and utter disturbed psychotic (created by my favorite comic book author Grant Morrison) who does all sorts of chemical and physical experiments on the innocents of Gotham City - until Batman intervenes of course.

In most of his appearances, he's just a guy in a butcher's apron and a pig mask. Wielding sharp things. I had my LEGO Butcher minifigure from many waves back set aside awaiting the pig mask, as well as a couple instruments of torture: a skill-saw and a syringe! The only other modifications made are the red hands (gloves? blood?) and the black head so you can't see Professor Pyg's face. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure we've never seen Professor Pyg's face in the comics. Making him all the more horrific.

I don't know what it is about a butcher in a pig mask, but it paints a pretty horrific image. I suppose it's the fear of revenge for all those bacon burgers that hits the human condition right in it's heart!
I found the newest wave of LEGO blind bagged minifigures at Toys R Us last week, and have been enjoying my completed Professor Pyg ever since. Thankfully for the rest of my minifigures, I have a LEGO Batman to keep him in line!


  1. The moment I saw that picture I started thinking Piggsy from Manhunt.

  2. Just need Mister Toad now like we were talking about Eric. : )

  3. Dude, I just found the perfect knockoff minifigure head piece for Professor Pyg!!!!


  4. LOL! Or this one!


  5. I think we're only at the beginning of what the knockoff world has in store for us!