Killer on the Loose! DC Super Heroes Killer Croc :: Countdown to Halloween 2014

What's a Halloween Countdown without a killer? Killer Croc, that is!

Real Name: Waylon Jones
Known Aliases: Killer Croc, Croc, Crock Pot, Crocodile Dunderhead

Wanted for: Murder, kidnapping, extortion, and jaywalking. Also: eating puppies.

Killer Croc is a member of the Batman Rogues Gallery, and was originally envisioned as  a man with a scaly skin condition that gave him a reptilian appearance. Over the years, his croc-y mutation has grown exponentially, and nowadays he's pretty much a human/crocodile mutant. Sometimes with a tail, sometimes without. Most times more superhuman Croc than man.

He is probably best known today for his appearances in the Batman: Arkham video games. But he first reached his widest audience outside the comics as a character in the legendary Batman: The Animated Series cartoon.

Of all the action figure versions of Killer Croc ever released, I have to say that this version - made by Mattel as part of their proto-DCUC 'DC Super Heroes' line way back in the early 2000s - is the best by far.

Because essentially, this Killer Croc action figure is a serious/realistic version of the Batman: Animated Killer Croc design. What''s more amazing is that this guy is only unique in regards to his head sculpt (and paint applications) - the rest of the figure is simply a re-used Killer Croc from Mattel's six inch Batman toyline - one where Croc was far more mutated, and even had a tail!

This version fortunately does not include a tail.

But he does have a thirst for human flesh!


  1. I read his first appearance back in the day when he killed Robin's parents. I hated that they changed that.

    1. It's comics. Wait around long enough and they change EVERYTHING!

  2. I have Bane and Scarecrow still carded from this line.

    1. I have Bane, although I never found the version with Osito. I never did pick Scarecrow up though.