Imaginext Blind Bagged Series 4 REVEALED!

Pictures of Imaginext's blind bagged Series 4 figures have surfaced (at Toy Showdown found via the ActionFigureInsider.com Forums) and this series looks to be a doozy for a few reasons - not the least of which being the first appearance in the Imaginext Blind Bag line of female characters!

A witch and a snowboarder! It's great to see Fisher-Price throw two female characters into Series 4, and while the snowboarder doesn't interest me much, that witch is a must have!

And get a load of tha clown! He'll make the PERFECT Joker/Harley goon, and is worth the price of admission for that balloon animal accessory alone!

I also need that space gorilla because SPACE GORILLA!

The full line-up for the blind bagged Imaginext Series 4 is:
Basketball Player
Space Gorilla
Mad Scientist
Space Alien/Robot

No word yet on when these will hit retail, but I would think it safe to start looking very soon. These could hit shelves before the holidays or right after.

And stay tuned here for more info - once I hear of them hitting retail and learn the codes etc. I will be sure to let everyone know!


  1. Space Gorilla and the Witch for me.

  2. Whoa, Fisher Price did not disappoint! It's hard to choose a top 3, but I would go with the Witch, Mad Scientist, and the Invader Zim-esque Robot Space Surfer? Ah heck, I want the Space Gorilla too!

  3. Did you see the Legion of Doom headquarters coming out?

    1. Where can we find an image of that "play-set"...????

  4. Wow! We just got series 2 here… hopefully the third one is coming here soon!

  5. This is great news! I love the witch!

    Of course, I am wondering where the Werewolf is. I need a Werewolf to complete a Imaginext Monster Squad!

    1. Same here! But they do look awesome and the Witch (and indeed snowboarder) are welcome additions.

  6. That witch is the coolest! Must get a few! Thanks for always keeping us up to date Eric!

  7. Wow, this set is awesome! I need the Witch, Space Gorilla and I think the robot boarder.

  8. Darn it, my mobile comments never post.

    These look great, especially that space gorilla. I think the LEGO minifigs have some stiff competition.

  9. OMG. I must have that witch!

  10. These are awesome! Maybe even cooler than the last bunch. SO glad they're finally making more female characters. I've picked up every female DC superhero fig they've made (including a couple extra Wonder Woman figs packed with different figures or vehicles).

    The space ape will be all mine though!

  11. They're hitting retail as we speak (or so I've been informed) and a couple of my collector buddies were able to put together the codes.


    Happy Hunting!