ShengYuan Scuba Batman LEGO Bootleg

One of the three additional sets I had to pick up in order to get the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh is this Scuba Batman set, a bootleg version of the LEGO Batman - The Penguin Face Off (76010) set. Sans Penguin and his Duckmobile.

The scuba vehicle is kind of silly but still cool. Honestly the Duckmobile is the best part of the official set, so I will probably have to pick it up eventually anyways. I only wish there were a way to make a LEGO Orca minifigure, because otherwise a Scuba Batman is completely pointless.

The set does come with a Penguin Bomb. A simple build but super awesome. I know I have the parts to make more of these, but not in the correct colors. So it's fun to have one now even if I don't yet have a LEGO Penguin himself.

The Batman minifigure is top notch. ShengYuan is putting out some high quality bootlegs. In fact, I'm starting to think I should refer to them as 'clones' and not 'bootlegs', but since they are still direct rip-offs of official minifigures, I think the term 'bootleg' still applies.

He does have printing on the back of his torso, but he only has one face print on his head. I would have preferred that they went with the scuba face, but instead they opted for the normal face.

Either way they did include his scuba-gear, flippers and a spear-gun, so that's keen.


  1. A: Cool because I just unlocked Scuba Batman in the new Lego game today.
    B: That scuba sled looks like a podracer.