Venom Bootleg LEGO Minifigure Bigfig

Another incredible installment in the book of bootLEGO is this Venom 'bigfig.'

This guy doesn't even exist in the LEGO toy world (although he was seen in the Marvel LEGO video game.) But the crazy awesome Chinese bootleggers have made him available and I was able to nab this guy off eBay for less than a dollar shipped!

This Venom bigfig is pretty much a Venom version of the LEGO Incredible Hulk. Nothing new on the engineering front. But it's Venom! Awesome!

Additionally awesome is that his eyes, teeth and spider-symbol are not simply painted on, but they are actually sculpted in relief. A level of detail not necessary or expected from Chinese bootleggers, but greatly appreciated!

Venom even has his symbol in relief on his back!

Venom also comes with a black 'rope' spider-web thingy. Not sure if this guy is ShengYuan or DeCool because he came to me in a plastic bag with Chinese writing on it, but either way, he's well made, highly recommended and an awesome addition to anyone's minifigure or bigfig collection!