Galaxy Laser Team :: New and SUPER-SIZED! :: by Tim Mee

This may look like your average Galaxy Laser Team (aka Star Patrol) line-up. But look closer...

These are the JUMBO Galaxy Laser Team figures! And they're BRAND NEW and available now on Amazon from Tim Mee!*

Galaxy Laser Team figures have quite a history with my generation. A rag-tag group of little plastic also-rans tossed in a baggie in order to cash in on the Star Wars fervor of the late seventies and early eighties, these simple 'little green army men' figures now enjoy their own legendary status with 'men of a certain age.'

They were released in various sets under various names, and they hung on the generic/cheap toy aisles of grocery and dollar stores everywhere. You probably had some. I sure did!

But it was only within the past few years that I learned they had also made jumbo versions of these goof(space)balls too. I'd never seen the jumbo figures in person, they are rather hard to come by in the wild, and I certainly never expected them to be re-issued (lost molds, defunct factories, etc etc) when incredibly I did find an original jumbo Lobstrocity a few months back.

And now they're back in print. Move over Alanis Morriset, THAT'S ironic!

This laser toting space cowboy is clearly the hero of our team. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Buck Rogers. He filled in for all of them when the Director yelled 'CUT! Bring in the double!'

"One small step for little plastic men, one giant leap for little plastic mankind!"

The star of the Galaxy Laser Team in my opinion, and the only one not based on any pre-existing pop culture icon, is the guy I have dubbed The Lobstrocity. I just love this guy, and now I have TWO jumbo versions! Life is good.

Not until I got this jumbo astronaut did I realize he was probably originally from a set that included a lunar lander/ladder, which he was obviously designed to grip on to. Or perhaps he came with a flag originally, in order to claim this planet in the name of Earth. Isn't that lovely?

The 'R2' of the Team is this guy. Oh wait, he's not round, he's square. No resemblance. The larger version has an antenna, because more room for detail!

This baddie is clearly based on Darth Vader. I'll call him 'Ralph Nader.' His TIE-Fighter is unsafe at any speed!

Finally there's the mom-jean-clad wonky Wookie: 'ChoMama.'

The Jumbo Galaxy Laser Team figure set doesn't include the entire original sized character selection (missing is another astronaut and the girl with the computer panel.) But they are all sorts of nostalgic awesome, and it's really cool seeing them in super-sized mode! Especially the Lobstrocity. Man I love that weirdo!

*Toyriffic was sent this set for review from the manufacturer. You can get yours at Amazon.


  1. These are so cool. Love the idea of the jumbo size. Added to my wish list!

  2. I use to own some of the originals as a kid.

  3. Man, everything's going jumbo these days, MOTU, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, now Tim Mee.

    Lobsterguy kinda looks like a teenage mutant ninja space turtle.